What makes the new Windows 8 smart phone smarter?

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This article explores what makes the new Windows 8 smart phone smarter. With evolution in the industry, various new phones with unique features are being launched in the market each day. Windows revealed the first look and specs of the new Windows 8 Os platform which will now be available with brands such as HTC, Nokia and Samsung. “For us this is a time of reimagination, innovation, rebirth, and I think the opportunity is quite large,” stated Steve Ballmer the CEO of Windows, who believes that the new OS for smart phones is designed to make things easier for the people efficiently. 

The Windows 8 OS offers a high personalised experience with features such as a customisable start screen and live tiles. It is now easy to pin your favorite people, apps, music and games right to the start screen, the live tiles illuminated the updates and real time information. 

The Windows 8 is supposed to run on ARM processors, and the Snapdragon platform will now operate with multicore processors, and a new generation of GPUs along with NFC support. The OS offers a secure SIM, which means you can swap between different handsets and take your payment method with you physically. 

The Windows mobile marketplace in partnership with Nokia has over 10,000 applications to download with the support of PayPal. The applications designed for Windows 7 are compatible with the new OS. However, the big names in the industry such, Electronic Arts, & Tom Tom have already showed their interest in designing applications for the new Windows 8. 

Windows has improvised the Live Wallpapers in a manner where your updates from social media accounts are displayed on your lock screen. Another catchy feature of the Windows 8 is Rooms, where you can organise a group about a specific topic and populate it with people who are interested to interact about it. 

Windows 8 is loaded with the Internet Explorer 10, which features a Smart Screen application reputation service and phishing filter that keeps your phone secure from malicious websites who trick you to provide your personal information like account number, credit card details or downloading malware. 

Kids Corner on Windows 8 is specially designed to eliminate the worries of handing over your smart phone to your child; Kids Corner lets you select which application your kids can access. They’ll be able to create a separate home screen and a lock screen displaying their name along with a picture. This ends the worry about your kids purchasing applications from your device.

Video calling, voice recognition and other common features are compatible with the OS, however HTC, Nokia and Samsung have all introduced new Windows Phones which are now available in the market.

The future seems bright as you don’t have to wait for your network operator to analyse and search for updates, as the updates are handled by Windows directly.

Steve Ballmer dropped a hint at a recent conference about Windows releasing its own smartphone specially designed to complement the Windows 8. With a lot of hopes, Windows expect their new mobile OS to headway against the major competitors like I Phone and Android. If your next priority is a Windows 8 smart phone, you can opt for ppi claims for better security.

by Sarah Crompton, Guest Blogger

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One question

  1. I used to own a windows 7 phone and quite frankly, was gutted I ended up stuck in a 24 month contract with it, the best thing about the phone was the Dolby Digital speaker it had built in, connecting them to Xbox live was pretty pointless aside from the occasional 5g achievements!

    Two questions:
    1.) Are the processor speeds keeping up with other phones on the Market? I.e the HTC one x +
    2.) Are any of these phones 4G enabled?



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