Top 10 Reasons to Move to Windows 7

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I’ll tackle the upgrade question in a minute but let me first say, if you are still on Windows XP, you do need to make sure you’ve applied Service Pack 3 (SP3). Many firms are now taking advantage of managed services.  If your firm is, you should expect that your managed services provider is keeping you current on these patches.  If the patches are not applied, you are leaving your environment susceptible to significant security breaches.

Now is the time to seriously consider an upgrade to Windows 7.  Microsoft has ended mainstream support for Windows XP in general and is only publishing security patches going forward.  Maintaining patch upgrades will keep you secure for the foreseeable future, but it is certainly only a short-term strategy. And it’s not just Microsoft that’s leaving XP behind, software and hardware manufacturers have also begun winding down their R&D efforts for Windows XP and are spending their resources on Windows 7.

Lack of support for XP isn’t the only reason to make the upgrade, Windows 7 has added functionality, security, and performance.  The features that Microsoft has built into this new version are not only highly functional – they’re just cool!  Users have responded very positively to the new look and feel.  You can check out Microsoft’s list of reasons to upgrade at:

Maybe you lived the pain of previous “failed” platforms – not mentioning names.  This new operating system has proven reliability in the field over the past 6 months.  This coupled with the added functionality and security, McGladrey is fully supporting Windows 7 as the preferred desktop operating system.  I’d encourage to you consider making the change.

By:  Patrick Vance, RSM McGladrey, Inc. – Iowa Microsoft Network Professional

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