The Technology of Mobile CRM

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Businesses can no longer afford to think of only traditional methods of communication and access. Customers, partners, and even employees expect high availability from the companies with which they conduct business. They want an “always on” relationship, and that can only work when the company provides mobile access.

The technology for online CRM software already exists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In order to foster online relationships through a variety of channels, businesses need to ensure that they have mobile interfaces that work well on a multitude of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

One method of providing such access is to develop apps for the popular mobile operating systems, such as Windows RT, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. This method, however, requires consistent updates, a lot of research and development, and the management of multiple applications. An alternative method is to use HTML5 technology to provide a cross-platform mobile interface that still offers touchscreen capabilities and many of the features users would expect in mobile applications.

By offering highly functional and highly available access to CRM, businesses can increase productivity and ultimately become more profitable. To learn more of the benefits of mobile CRM, download the white paper “Why Go Mobile? Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer with Mobile CRM” at

by Anya Ciecierski, CRM Software Blog Editor,            

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