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Reduce Your Business Risks and Disaster Proof Your Data

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Does your business have a disaster recovery plan for your server and data in the event of a disaster or hardware failure?  I have been tagging along on sales calls with our network sales manager and CTO or Chief Technology Officer and I can tell you I am amazed by what I am hearing from business owners on the state of their networks.  I hear stories about server crashes and how the companies thought they were getting a nightly back up only to find that the drives or tapes were empty… in many cases the staff is changing out the tapes or drives daily and they are not even getting a good backup. 

I helped put together a webinar for our network services department on disaster proofing business.  It was an easier task than most marketing campaigns because I am learning that many businesses do not even know if they have a good back up!   Not only are companies not getting good backups, they are running on limited drive space, out of warranty equipment, and do not have spare parts or a good firewall in place.  Granted, this is why we are at the prospect’s site to begin with; the owner or decision maker realizes that they need help with the network and we are there to provide them with a solution. 

The webinar was today and titled Eleven Strategies to Reduce Business Downtime and Data Loss.  If you have any concerns about your network health, please view the recording or download the PowerPoint.  You may be surprised that your data is not safe after all.

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Custom Information Services (CIS) is a Microsoft Partner in North Texas.

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