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 Technology literally changes daily with new hardware and software constantly emerging.  Although it is impossible and unnecessary to keep up with every new technology trend and every new gadget, it is also important for businesses to be prepared for major shifts in technological innovation.  At the same time, most businesses need to find ways to reduce IT costs while still maintaining a high level of quality and functionality.

 ERP software is supposed to make your business more efficient and ultimately more profitable.  That can be difficult when your ERP software itself is costing you too much money.  Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to help reduce IT costs and help users be more productive.

 Making use of the IT model you have in place with Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office, you can create a platform for a work environment that flows with your business rather than against it.  With business intelligence, personalization tools, and software customization (without programming knowledge), you can optimize Dynamics GP to fit your business perfectly.

 Not only does Microsoft Dynamics GP seamlessly flow together with Microsoft tools like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can also integrate it with non-Microsoft applications through the use of connectivity tools.

 Microsoft Dynamics GP supports both on-premise and partner hosted options, and the new web client available for Dynamics GP 12 will make it easier than ever to connect to the cloud, build web-based forms, and much more.  For more information about increasing productivity and collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics GP, download this free white paper: Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office – Extending the Reach 

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