Just thinking about keeping up with all the latest technology is a full-time job.  Who has the time?  Paying for technology, maintaining servers, laptops, desktops, and making sure your company is compliant on licensing is also a full-time job.  Or … Read More


Compare Microsoft Office 365 versus Google Apps

Are you trying to compare the new Microsoft Office 365 to Google Apps? We liked the article from VentureBeat’s Peter Yared, Why Microsoft’s Office 365 will clobber Google Apps, which found a number of holes in the common sales … Read More


As your typical office worker, I deal with software programs all day.   I was tasked to once again compare a couple of products on a non-technical level; Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office 365.  Most people would admit that the software, … Read More


Reduce IT Costs with the Microsoft Platform

 Technology literally changes daily with new hardware and software constantly emerging.  Although it is impossible and unnecessary to keep up with every new technology trend and every new gadget, it is also important for businesses to be prepared for major … Read More


Besides being the shiny new version in the Windows product line, Windows 7 has proven to be quite helpful in my daily life! As with many product releases, a common objective is to improve efficiencies and overall performance, and in … Read More


For a while now, Windows client operating systems have come in a variety of editions. To me it seems like they’ve had Home, Professional, Premium, Enterprise, Ultimate, Fantastic, Outstanding, and any other adjective that they decide to come up with. … Read More


Exchange Server 2010: Organization and Configuration

In a previous article on Windows Exchange, we looked at the evolution of Windows Exchange from an e-mail client to a powerful Exchange Server 2010 with unified communication services. We concluded with the remark that certain steps can help reduce … Read More


Take a quick count of how many accounts you have that are accessible on the Internet today.  These accounts include all e-mail accounts, bank accounts, bill-related accounts, social media, and many others.  The majority of people have at least 10 … Read More


Would you hire a Registered Nurse to work on your car?  Perhaps you have a Business Degree and run a business as the CEO.  Does this make you qualified to make all the recommendations to your Technology Infrastructure?  Perhaps you … Read More


By: Brian Davis, Custom Information Services

As a technician at Custom Information Services we were quickly tasked to evaluate the Microsoft Windows 7 new desktop operating system which was released in October of 2009. It is the replacement Operating System … Read More





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