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New Technology Decisions for the Non-Technical Business Owner

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Just thinking about keeping up with all the latest technology is a full-time job.  Who has the time?  Paying for technology, maintaining servers, laptops, desktops, and making sure your company is compliant on licensing is also a full-time job.  Or at the very least it is someone’s part-time job that is probably not getting the attention it needs.  I know this since I work for a technology firm that focuses on small to mid-sized companies.  I really don’t know how some companies do it with the tools that they have and this would include staff and the hardware and licensing components that go with it.   Somehow, though, companies manage to keep the orders going out the door and the checks cut!   Even as one of our long-time customers says, “we could use a big chief tablet and a number 2 pencil”.  He is joking – I think?  Of course you could but how many people would it take to do all that writing?   

 We as an organization have worked for years (1997) perfecting the whole IT managed services product.  I have been tasked to come up with the sales and marketing plan for our latest reiteration and I must say that it is kind of a no brainer for most companies. 

 Scenarios to Consider for Saving You Money

 Virus Cleanup

Either you have an IT person full-time or not.  This could be you, your office manager, or an IT firm that you call when the printer stops working, or someone gets a virus.  Seriously, how much time does it take your IT person to clean up the virus from a workstation?  What productivity was lost – for the person doing the fixing and of course the end-user that got the virus?

 Is your antivirus program up to date?  Is your firewall subscription up to date?

 What if this virus could be cleaned up and your end-user working within 15 minutes with no data loss?  Is that valuable to you?

 Equipment Purchases and Maintenance

Okay, so we know people buy from the Dell website.  Rather than making our money on hardware, we do it as a service to our customers but primarily because we like a good warranty and standardization across our customer base.  HP has provided us with high quality equipment that we do not have to spend a lot of time dealing with drive failures and power supply issues.  We set them up and they work. 

 In most cases a server can last about three years and then they are obsolete.  Why make the investment if you don’t have to?  How old is your server and workstations?  Do you know what brand they are?  Do you know the warranty information?    

 What if you could have a new server(s), new workstations, and new router with firewall in place, warranties on all of it and not have the big expenditure to figure out how to budget? 

 Back-Ups and Data Security

If you still use a tape back-up and someone forgot to run, take the tape home, or change it from the night before, then you have a corrupted drive, fire, or a major power outage and of course the UPS did not work properly and to make it worse your controller was posting AR invoices for the week.    What would happen?  Can you state with confidence that you have a back-up from before the posting crash or would you have to recreate a whole day of work?   How much money would you lose this time?

 What if you could restore data from 15 minutes ago at anytime? 


Once again, more questions for you.  How many versions of Office is your office running?  Do you use Exchange?  Licensed correctly?  (We are not the license police)

 With our program, you get the latest version of Office on all the workstations. 

 With this new program, we are offering on-premise virtualization, full IT management and support including the equipment to run your business.    

 Traditional managed service plans try to put a management wrapper around your existing systems but they never really solve the problems inherent in poor system design. Until recently technology to properly design a “managed system” was far too expensive to implement at the SMB market segment.

With the use of Microsoft technologies such as Terminal Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Server 2008, and Microsoft IIS, CIS has been able to provide businesses with secure, high performance IT systems including hardware, software, and licensing at an affordable price.  Our customers want the processing capability to be there and available at any time without the problems or headache to make the right decisions.  That’s exactly what we provide our customers!

 By Brittany Meeks and Nancy Phillippi

For more information on the Technology offerings at CIS or other ways to help it help you, call Nancy or Brittany at (817) 640-0016 or email at

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