How to Use One Mouse Across Multiple Computers: Microsoft’s Mouse Without Borders Project

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People who use two or even three monitors on a single computer often speak of the benefits of having that extra screen real estate to move open documents from one screen to another, multitask, and compare two sets of information.  In some situations, however, you may have a laptop and a desktop computer, two desktops, or even two laptops. There was not any good solution for dealing with two computers, until now.

Truong Do, an employee at Microsoft Dynamics, has wrestled with the problem of having two sets of keyboards and mice on the same desk. He came up with a solution that he calls Mouse Without Borders. Simply put, a user with multiple computers can virtually connect them for seamless control of both, without the need for any fancy equipment. Instead, it is completely software-driven and incredibly easy to setup.

With this technology, users can drag and drop files between the computers, switch between them, and more, all while the entire experience feels as though they are using a single computer with one keyboard and multiple monitors. Never again will you have to fumble with extra keyboards and mice, switching back and forth between machines, emailing yourself documents. All of it works seamlessly and effortlessly.

The best part is you can download Microsoft’s Mouse Without Borders at and get started right away. The installer is only a 1 MB file.

You can hear Truong Do’s explanation in his Mouse Without Borders youtube video.

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