If your company uses Microsoft products, you know that having the right support and guidance is crucial to success.

Whether you need new software or hardware installed, or want to make sure your employees know how to get the most … Read More


Just thinking about keeping up with all the latest technology is a full-time job.  Who has the time?  Paying for technology, maintaining servers, laptops, desktops, and making sure your company is compliant on licensing is also a full-time job.  Or … Read More


Compare Microsoft Office 365 versus Google Apps

Are you trying to compare the new Microsoft Office 365 to Google Apps? We liked the article from VentureBeat’s Peter Yared, Why Microsoft’s Office 365 will clobber Google Apps, which found a number of holes in the common sales … Read More


Reduce IT Costs with the Microsoft Platform

 Technology literally changes daily with new hardware and software constantly emerging.  Although it is impossible and unnecessary to keep up with every new technology trend and every new gadget, it is also important for businesses to be prepared for major … Read More


Windows Small Business Server 7 Beta Released

Microsoft’s latest release of their Small Business Server, SBS 7, is now available for public beta testing. This latest SBS is designed for low-end servers and complements Microsoft’s two other low-end offerings: Windows Home Server (codenamed “Vail”) and their hybrid … Read More





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