Besides being the shiny new version in the Windows product line, Windows 7 has proven to be quite helpful in my daily life! As with many product releases, a common objective is to improve efficiencies and overall performance, and in … Read More


For a while now, Windows client operating systems have come in a variety of editions. To me it seems like they’ve had Home, Professional, Premium, Enterprise, Ultimate, Fantastic, Outstanding, and any other adjective that they decide to come up with. … Read More


By: Brian Davis, Custom Information Services

As a technician at Custom Information Services we were quickly tasked to evaluate the Microsoft Windows 7 new desktop operating system which was released in October of 2009. It is the replacement Operating System … Read More


I’ll tackle the upgrade question in a minute but let me first say, if you are still on Windows XP, you do need to make sure you’ve applied Service Pack 3 (SP3). Many firms are now taking advantage of managed Read More





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